Welcome to the dark side of Android

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android-logoWhile many Android users already know about the forum XDA developers, where you can find almost everything in regards to Android and related, there are most definitely other, more underground places, where you can dip your curious nose into. Mind you, about most of the stuff you can inquire and get information about on the XDA forums, but some apps and stuff are not really advertised. For instance, did you know that you can, provided you have a rooted Android device, download a “fixed” Google Store application, where you can download any app, no matter where you are located? Did you know that there are .apk leechers, which can download any app from the Google store directly to your desktop? Did you know that there are places, which are just like Google Store, but are filled with, shall we say, less than, or rather more than, free applications?

Now that I have your interest, allow me to present to you Aptoide (www.aptoide.com). It is a place where you can not only find and download stuff that is not generally available or location locked on Google Store, but also a place where you can put up your own store and sell your own apps. Additionally, you can find certain apps that are not really sanctioned and/or approved by Google, which would have certain legality issues if published within their store, but more on such apps later. Allow me to offer you another of such sites, where you can also find tons of useful and fun apps and games – it is called SAM or Slide me (www.slideme.org). These are not really hacker sites or sites with illegal downloads where you can find downloads of movies, TV series and similar stuff, but within these pages you can find, for instance, streaming apps, which allow you to watch almost any TV show of Movie online.

How do you find any such applications and is it safe to download any of this? Well, yes and no to the latter and to a certain extent here to the former. When dealing with stuff that is not 100% sanctioned by the Android owner Google, you are threading on thin ice. So, for instance, if you use any of the programs which circumvent the regular downloading of apps on the Google Store, your account may be suspended or even voided.

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