Some of the dumbest apps, you never uninstall, for no reason whatsoever

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dumbappNo, I am not going to rant about iBoobs. What I want to point out is that nobody, I mean nobody, unless you are working in the London Stock Exchange, or on Wall Street, needs to have a ticker installed, or even a stock app. Are you a day trader? Then you are probably sitting in front of your computer or laptop, trying to not go broke and failing miserably. But why would you need a stock application? HTC, Apple, Samsung, whoever, please stop installing these useless applications into our phones – or at least allow us to uninstall them.

Additionally, did you install several games and have actually never played them? I have on my phone all Angry Birds that ever came out and have not finished a single one of them. I also have a ridiculous Kung Fu Panda Staring Contest – yes, this is exactly what it says it is – and I have never even intended to uninstall it.

What else is useless? Well, you have Facebook, then you have the Facebook messenger, then you have Twitter and then you have Flipboard, then you have also Social Network Pro installed and who knows what else, it may be the time to tone it all down a bit. Maybe tone it down a lot would be more appropriate.

While I am ranting, allow me just to vent my frustration to YouTube, which finally found a way to become less popular. Integrating YouTube into Google Plus is just like shooting your foot off, because your feet were great and worked flawlessly. Nobody, really, nobody wants to use Google+, it is useless, boring, nobody is there, nobody is using it and nobody will ever use it. All you accomplished is that people are annoyed and that nobody will bother to post any comments ever again.

In any case, if you did not know it, there is also a Google+ app available. Not that anyone will ever use it. Do I have to tell you that recently it is one of the apps that come pre-installed with your handheld device and which you cannot uninstall?

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