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In a virtual world, where millions upon millions applications for mobile phones and tablet devices are being made available, some for free, some free with advertising, some for sale, but all of them in some way interesting, picking and using any of them is really an easy decision. What makes me, you, anybody really like an app or game? Everybody has an own sense of taste, idea, expectation that needs to be met, but in that sheer endless sea of available fun, how to really figure out what you would like, before you have even seen it?

In such cases, people come to sites similar to this one and try to learn and find the one application they know they would like to play with. I am Hannah and I will try and provide you here with some insight into the world of fun that apps can be. I will try to focus on apps that are available for Android and iPhone alike, but in cases where such availability is not given, I will enjoy lamenting the short-sightedness of people in charge. In any case, do not expect me to tout stuff that you have already pre-installed or know about extensively, like Facebook and Twitter, or on the other hand stuff for which you need to jailbreak or root your device.

A few apps that I will mention here in my first rant, or rather post are being mentioned just to make a point and not to incite you to install them. These apps are something you either have installed, or you are to be removed from your device and not to be entrusted with a smartphone or tablet ever again. If you prefer Apple’s version of Maps, then no need to read on, because Google Maps will always be the best maps app, ever. The only other solution you may want to consider, if you are travelling a lot and really would like to have a GPS-like device without being online, are apps made by a company called TomTom International (

Unfortunately, the really good TomTom apps cost a bundle and are really large, like Gigabytes of storage space large. The TomTom Navigation Apps are available in several versions, for instance the Android app TomTom Navigation map Europe is 2.5GB – make sure you use Wi-Fi to download it; version size and availability depend on the location where you live and provide you not only with directions, but also with the ubiquitous hypnotic voice directing you where to turn. If you do not want to use the included, boring voice, you can download and/or purchase additional voices, including cartoon characters such as Bugs Bunny, Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson and Mr. Burns, but also Stephen Fry, Roger Moore, John Cleese, Kim Cattrall and even Snoop Dogg, just to name a few, are available.

If you have already used GPS devices, then this is not really a stretch for you. If you have only used Google Maps to get around, it is quite different. TomTom applications have massive extension possibilities, including plenty of information about the city you are in, or are visiting. This is an app definitely worth checking out, available for all pertinent devices, including Apple’s iOS and Android.

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