Best games you have never played – or have you?

the-best-iphone-games-youve-never-playedWell, if you are using your tablet or smartphone to play games at all, you know how many dozen of Angry Birds there are already, you know that there is a really great and free Plants vs. Zombies 2 game, just like the first one (available for free on Aptoide), there are Zombirds, a really fun game, Where’s My Water 2 just came out and so forth. These games you know, you have played, you will download, because everybody is writing about them and you already know about them. You are looking for stuff that is not everywhere? You have to go away from the Google Store, even from the Amazon App Store. I am not really mentioning the iPhone apps, because… there is only the Apple App store on iTunes and nothing else.

I have already mentioned a few times that Aptoide is a pretty neat Android App store, right? Well, that particular store also has trillions of games, which you have never played, many of them really fun and most of them free. Did you know that there is a Super Mario Bros version available for Android? Well, now you know that there is one. ( You would like to play FIFA 2014? There is a download of that one as well, it is free, shockingly, but also it is whopping 1.3 GB in size.

Another huge game, free as well, is Real Racing 3, also more than 1.2 GB required, but real cars are available to choose from, some 50 of them, also real tracks are programmed into the game and you drive, or rather steer, by tilting the device. (

Robo5 is also a cute game with some quirky puzzles, some steampunk in there as well, but overall it is really nice to follow this cute robot through his adventures. (

Do you like Garfield? There is a game producer, Web Prancer, which makes only Garfield mobile apps for any relevant handheld platform ( Starting with the popular Garfield’s Diner down to Garfield’s Defense: Attack of the Food Invaders, the furry lasagna loving cat is fun in every way – which reminds me, I have to tell you about the comics, which you can get delivered daily on your handheld device.

I promised I will bring you up to date with a really cute comic strips application, it is called Comic Strips and is made by 99Apps. It includes over 250 comic strips, with current releases provided for you daily. ( The app has all possible favourites, such as Broomhilda, Garfield, B.C., The Wizard of Id and my all-time favourite, Calvin and Hobbes. Make sure you browse often for changes, unfortunately Hagar the Horrible was taken out of the app, but other great comic strips and editorial cartoons are being added whenever possible.

If you are more into the Marvel Comics universe or DC Comics for that matter, both have their own apps available, these work on a subscription system and are not very popular. A better and more popular app is Comics, by comiXology, which does not only provide you with purchase opportunities, but also provides plenty of comics for free. There are no company limitations here; Marvel and DC are available, as are some of the other providers.

If you already have comic books in several formats, also have alternate sources for your electronic comic books – no questions asked here – then you should check out the comic book reader named A Comic Viewer by Robot Media, also known as Droid Comic Viewer, which is capable of displaying any comic book format and most of the pertinent image formats. It recently went open source, so the app is being updated and made better by the community.

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