Awesome apps that you need to check out

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Motorola-Droid-XYou know that there are countless applications available for your smartphone or tablet device, some of which came pre-installed, some you have discovered and some were highly recommended by a trustworthy source. You also know that there are tons of apps you have never heard of, simply because nobody ever pointed them out to you. Here are a couple of apps that are really worth checking out, even if your storage memory is getting low.

Insatiable genius is actually a very pretentious name for a company, but there is some self-depreciation there, or so I chose to believe. Anyway, this company has made a fun program called ToonPaint. It does exactly what it says, namely, you either shoot a photo or take one from any storage you can access and can instantly, or rather with some fiddling, turn it into a really fun cartoonish version of the same. (

There are tons of audiobook players available on all platforms, but the best audiobook app is for Android – I have not seen one out for iOS yet –and it is named Smat AudioBook Player, by Alex Kravchenko – I guess it is not the famous poker player. Anyway, the great thing about this player is that it works with any audiobooks you already have in your device and it does not care if your book copy is legit or not. It can do a lot of things, including downloading artwork for your book from the net, even the list of characters, if you have trouble following the plot. Another good thing is, it pauses if you fall asleep, a very useful feature. (

If you need an application manager, while speaking about Android, I have found that the AppMgr III, former App 2 SD, is a very good manager for applications, even if the latest Android OS contains a pretty good manager as well. Best thing here, you can not only move apps to your external storage, or hide apps that you cannot uninstall, but you can instantly remove cache used up by apps with one simple click. Information about how many apps you have installed and how much space you have left, furthermore, you can finally see all the system apps that are installed. (

If you are a fan of stargazing, I mean real stars, not celebrities, then you must take a look at the Droid Sky View application, a map of the stars which not only accurately portrays the starry sky, but is a point and view application. Yes, you turn your phone towards the point you are looking at and you can exactly find out what you are seeing, which constellation, what stars, planets or even other galaxies are right up there. It includes powerful zoom functions, the full Messier catalog of all objects, clusters and galaxies with pictures, shows even stuff underneath the horizon. (

The corresponding app for the iPhone/iPad would probably be the Starmap app for iOS, where several versions are available, functioning like “a planetarium in your pocket”. In direct comparison, the Starmap may be more for an amateur astronomer, while the Droid Sky View is fun app for everyone. Check out Starmap on their web site. (

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